12 Tips for Successful Business Startups

12 Tips for Successful Business Startups

By Idumeka Asiribo

The process of starting up a business could be deemed as a very difficult or challenging task. Entrepreneurs are usually overburdened with questions regarding what, when, how and where. As vigorous as this process may seem; with proper execution, it could eventually lead to a rewarding venture. Every successful startup begins at a starting point and at such a vital stage, 12 important tips are crucial for the successful initiation, growth, and sustainability of any business.


1. Ideation

It is a systematic process of generating, selecting and developing new ideas. Every successful business startup started as an idea. You could have several business ideas but you must be able to determine which idea is fulfilling an unmet need. Some ideas could come from thoughts, observation, research and other people’s suggestions or leads. However, it is expedient that all business ideas are tested and validated through market research or surveys. Good business ideas are usually solutions to needs that are urgently needed by a segment of clients who are equally willing and able to pay for such a service or product.

2. Execute a Market Research

It is important that you test and validate your idea through research. Market research could take on different forms including surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations, etc. It could also involve building a product prototype to seek feedback from your target customers. Overall, being able to validate or invalidate your thoughts on a specific will help you have an increased understanding of the clients’ needs and enable you to tailor your idea to meet their expectations. Market research is essential for the development of an idea.

3. Set up an Effective Team

With every business idea comes a need for effective planning and execution. A passionate and vibrant team with some level of experience in execution needs to be in place to ensure a proper planning process and effective execution. Every member of your team should understand the big picture, share in the vision and apprehend their roles in the process. A good team ensures standards are not compromised. Every member of the team should understand the big picture, the vision and where he or she comes in or his or her role in the process. A well thought out plan and execution are necessary for the success of a startup.

4. Adopt the Right Business Model

Determining the right business model for adoption is essential for the overall success of a startup. It is the system put in place to ensure a seamless execution of your idea. It is defined as a plan for the successful operation of a business which includes; identifying sources of revenue, the intended customer base, products, and details of financing. , A good way to validate your chosen business model will be to plan and execute a pilot. Over time, this has been a viable way to test costs, quality and pricing in a single location with minimum risks and great possibility for speedy recovery and corrections.

5. Seek Out Resources

A variety of resources are needed to ensure the start and smooth running of any business. The major resources needed are human, financial, intellectual, social and physical which could be in the form of equipment, premises, structures, etc. Each business idea is unique and the resources required will depend on the nature of business.

6. Seek Out Partnerships and Networks

As an Individual, navigating through the process of starting a new business could be a challenging venture, hence the need to partner with people who are already experienced in your field of interest. Relating with such professionals and mentors can be extremely valuable as they can provide you with advice, guidance and in a lot of cases partner with you in achieving your goals. More so, such relationships also help to strengthen your business, foster growth and good relationships with existing and potential clients.

7. Embrace Risks, Learn from Mistakes

Venturing into something new means being vulnerable to numerous risks. In as much you may try to avoid some; others are just necessary for the growth of your business and thus must be embraced. While some may yield worthwhile results, others may not and rather create setbacks. While experiencing such setbacks, there’s a learning point that must not be ignored but acknowledged and considered while forging ahead.

8. Be Resilient

The success and sustainability of any new startup largely depends on resilience and continuity. Starting up your business can be pretty challenging and full of uncertainties, risks, and unavoidable mishaps. In the face of challenges, do not give up, rather be creative and innovate. Most successful businesses went through similar experiences so keep holding on.

9. Keep Feedback Channels Open

It is important to always take stock of what you are doing. Specifically, to know how well your products or services are received by your clients and to determine if you are meeting your set goals and objectives for your business. This insight will further enable you to build a good reputation for your brand. Feedback can be received from various channels including clients, employees, competitors, partners and other experts in your industry.

10. Be Flexible and Adaptable

Change is a constant factor that must be considered when starting a small business. As an entrepreneur, you should strive to keep up with the changes in the industry and be willing to incorporate new and improved methods of executing your business plans. Responses from your feedback channels may also necessitate changes geared towards improved customer satisfaction. Rather than insisting on running your business as you have always done, be creative and innovative, keep up with the trends in your industry.

11. Be Customer-Centric Without Ignoring Profitability

Every business venture can only survive if it makes a profit. In as much as profit is a major motivation, it is important to note that this largely rests on your ability to offer a product or service that meets the need of your target clients. Clients are motivated to pay the price for your service or products when it satisfies their needs.

12. Stay Healthy and Happy

Your emotional state and overall well-being are key to your output and performance. It is important to be healthy and happy to generate positive energy. Therefore, proper rest, a healthy diet and exercise should be infused in your lifestyle. Strive to maintain good health and a balanced emotional state of mind. Learn to take care of yourself because you are the most important asset that drives the business. Just like a car cannot move without the driver starting and controlling it, so is a business without an effective leader.


Starting a business is a big step but taking all the necessary steps to guarantee its growth, development, and success is equally important. Don’t just plan to have a startup but plan and work to ensure that your startup is a success.

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